Diagnosing Persons with FASD Using Telehealth

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“While ongoing efforts have been made to increase the capacity of communities to provide early FASD diagnosis, there continue to be on-going challenges, particularly for remote and rural communities. Telehealth is the use of technology to connect communities at a distance and has been effectively used in medicine for several decades. This literature review describes the use of telehealth in … Read More

Signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Detected in Womb

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“New magnetic resonance imaging showed impairments to brain growth during the third trimester of pregnancy, even though the fetus was exposed to alcohol only during the first trimester. The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, highlights the danger of binge drinking early in a pregnancy. It also suggests the potential benefit of using in-utero imaging … Read More

Fears of Baby Harm Amid Drinking Spike During Pandemic

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“Women are being urged to curb their drinking over fears it could lead to a spike in alcohol harm in babies conceived during the coronavirus pandemic. A survey recently found Australians were drinking 70 per cent more during isolation. Professor Elizabeth Elliott said this, coupled with the increased time partners were spending together, meant there was an increased risk of … Read More

Drinking Alcohol May Heighten Risk of Getting Coronavirus, WHO Suggests

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“As the coronavirus pandemic leaves millions stuck at home, alcohol sales have risen drastically nationwide, with spirits and premixed cocktails in high demand. The World Health Organization, however, says alcohol may put people at increased risk for the coronavirus, weakening the body’s immune system and leaving drinkers at risk for other risky behaviors that could increase the likelihood of contracting … Read More