CDC’s Editorial on How to Prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

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Anne Schuchat, MD, of the CDC, released a new editorial with recommendations on how to prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. The editorial was originally posted on the American Academy of Family Physicians’s site. “The CDC report aimed to provide accurate information to physicians and patients so they could take actions as appropriate. The goal was to prevent potential negative outcomes and … Read More

A Good Discussion for North Carolinians

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France Plans for Larger Pregnancy Health Warnings on Alcohol Containers “The French Government plans to double the size of a warning on bottle labels advising pregnant women to avoid alcohol. A quarter of French mothers-to-be continue to drink alcohol, according to the National Institute for Health and Medical Research, and the government says the warning needs to be larger to … Read More

Summer Camp Opportunities for Individuals with FASDs!

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A FASD Community is dedicated to helping individuals affected by FASD through camp experiences that develop healthy relationships, improve social communications, promote physical safety, provide respite opportunities for caregivers, and offer other educational and support opportunities for FASD families.”

CDC Releases Updated Fact Sheet on Collaboratives for Alcohol-Free Pregnancies

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  The Center for Disease Control just released a new fact sheet on the work of CDC FASD Practice and Implementation Centers (PICs) and National Partners.   This is a great summary on the value of partnerships with health care professionals  and community partners in addressing FASDs including: Use of evidence-based practices, such as alcohol screening and brief intervention (SBI), to … Read More