10-Year-Old with FASD Just Wants a Family for Christmas

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“Jay’Vion is 10 years old and has been in foster care for eight years. He was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. He loves to laugh, he’s polite, he listens when he needs to, and he likes to help. Jay’Vion said for Christmas he would like parents that would love him unconditionally forever.” – WDAF TV Fox4kc Full story, here.

DiG FASD Study Offering Gift Cards!

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Everyone with FASD has a different experience and we think genetics might play a role in these differences. Each gene has a small effect, so we need YOU to help us! By understanding how genes make FASD different, we can use that information to help improve treatments and interventions. Your time is valuable. NOFAS will send you a gift card … Read More

Mixed Messages Surrounding FASD Set Straight With High Schools Students

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“In an attempt to educate young people on the impacts of drinking during pregnancy, High School students have been learning about FASD and have been taught about safety surrounding pregnancy and substances… There are mixed messages about alcohol during pregnancy but no alcohol while planning, during pregnancy and whist breast feeding is the safest option.” – The Avon Valley Advocate … Read More

New U.S. Senate Bill Will Help Children and Adults Living with FASD

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New legislation to authorize comprehensive FASD support services, public health prevention, and research programs across federal agencies was introduced today in the U.S. Senate. The Advancing FASD Research, Prevention, and Services Act, S.2879, is cosponsored by Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), dedicated champions of maternal and child health and support for individuals living with disabilities and addiction. … Read More

CDC: Addressing Gaps in Health Care for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

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“CDC was honored to welcome a panel of experts to present CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds (PHGR). PHGR featured speakers highlighted efforts to improve health outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities (ID), and underscored the need for better data, programs, and training to help communities and healthcare professionals reach this goal.” Read full article.

Occasional Drinking During Pregnancy and Its Effects on Insulin and Fetal Growth

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“The results from this study showed that males of ethanol-exposed rats showed elevated levels of insulin during glucose tolerance tests at six months of age, in comparison to females and control-grouped males; a sign of insulin resistance. The findings show that even acute, but moderate consumption of alcohol can lead to metabolic issues in a sex-specific manner.” – Medical News … Read More

Does North Carolina Do Enough to Help Children Affected by a Mom’s Prenatal Alcohol Use?

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“Larry Burd, director of the North Dakota Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Center argues that FASD likely affects more people but public knowledge and understanding of it are nowhere near the recognition level of autism. “What’s really lacking now,” Burd said, “is organization and recognition at the state level. North Carolina needs a task force.” – North Carolina Health News To read … Read More

Every Day Needs to be FASDs Awareness Day!

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Remember to spread the message that FASDs is a lifelong condition, affecting One in 20 school-age children, that’s one child in every classroom. FASDs can be 100% preventable. But we have to stop the spread of misinformation and support women in having an alcohol-free pregnancy. #moms2Bstayalcoholfree #healthypregnancies #alcoholandpregnancy #FASDs #FASDAwarenessMonth #FASDinNC #PreventFASDs #FASDSupports #proofalliance View this link.