Children With Disabilities Disproportionately Affected by Pandemic

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“The global pandemic has hit families affected by disability disproportionately, particularly young families. School-aged children with disabilities were suddenly without supports of any kind… Parents were expected to teach their children alone… Many parents spoke of watching their children lose hard-earned advances that were months or years in the making.” – iPolitics Canada Read On –

FREE Online Learning, The Little Moments: Practical Supports for People with FASD, Part I & II

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FASDinNC is pleased to announce that this free online, self-paced learning course is now available! This online course was captured on September 17, 2020 during the FASDinNC Webinar Series. The faculty member is Nate Sheets, BBA who is owner of Cognitive Supports and Oregon Behavior Consultation.  Nate delivers support strategies for caregivers and providers that are navigating a path supporting … Read More

Sensory Garden for Children with FASD Dedicated by Florida Center for Early Childhood

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“The Florida Center for Early Childhood held a ribbon-cutting for its newly completed sensory garden, which includes a wide variety of sensory experiences designed to stimulate the senses.  Leadership Sarasota chose to undertake the sensory garden project because of its wide array of benefits for young children, especially those with disabilities or developmental delays… The Florida Center provides the state’s … Read More

New FASD Podcast Series “FASD Hope”

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“Natalie and John Vecchione are happy to announce “FASD Hope”, which includes the FASD Hope website and podcast series. The mission of FASD Hope is to provide awareness, information and inspiration for those people whose lives have been touched by FASD.  The FASD Hope podcast series is about FASD through the lens of parent advocates with over eighteen years of … Read More

Couple Raising Awareness of FASD

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“Lindsey and Spencer Munns are parents to four little ones, ages one to six, and you’d never know it from looking at the children, but two of their four — twins adopted at birth — have FASD. “What’s really frustrating is statistic shows one in 20 kids have this. That’s two-and-a-half, three times more common than autism,” explains Spencer.” – … Read More

Minnesota’s Proof Alliance Leader Wants All Pregnancies to Be Alcohol-free

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NOFAS Affiliate Proof Alliance “has stuck to a consistent message: There is no safe kind of alcohol, no safe amount and no safe time to drink it during pregnancy. Sara Messelt, now Proof Alliance’s executive director, has seen huge strides in knowledge, but 1 in 9 pregnancies still is exposed to alcohol.” – Star Tribune Read More, HERE!

Association of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure With Psychological, Behavioral, and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Children

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“Prenatal alcohol exposure of any severity was associated with greater psychopathology, attention deficits, and impulsiveness, with some effects showing a dose-dependent response… Any alcohol use during pregnancy is associated with subtle yet significant psychological and behavioral effects in children. Women should continue to be advised to abstain from alcohol consumption from conception throughout pregnancy.” – The American Journal of Psychiatry … Read More

What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know About FASD

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Director of The Florida Center’s FASD Diagnostic Clinic, Tamra Cajo, writes, “Had I known then what I know now about the disorder, I would have asked the following questions for each case I worked so I could better serve my clients… I would have phrased the question, “Did you drink while you were pregnant?” much differently.” – The Florida Center … Read More