FASD is Still Stigmatized, Hampering Research and Treatment

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This article quotes from NOFAS VP Kathy Mitchell and NOFAS Board Member Dr. Doug Waite, who states, “One of the primary reasons for lack of diagnosis is the stigma associated with the words ‘fetal alcohol,’ which holds implicit judgment of the mother (‘How could she have drank alcohol during her pregnancy?’) This lacks a greater understanding of how devastating the … Read More

Senator Tim Kaine Joins NOFAS for FASD Discussion

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Senator Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, joined NOFAS and some of its top donors at a Capitol Hill luncheon last week to talk about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and the outlook for legislation important to NOFAS and the field. Kate Boyce, Chair of the NOFAS Board of Directors, presented Kaine with the NOFAS Leadership Award for his attention to health-related issues, … Read More

‘Moderate’ Drinking Guidelines are Too Loose, Study Says

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“A sweeping international study of alcohol consumption has found no overall health benefits from moderate drinking and calls into question the U.S. guidelines that say men can safely drink twice as much as women. The threshold for low-risk drinking, the researchers found, is about seven beers a week for men and women alike. The new report appears in the Lancet. … Read More

New PSA on Alcohol and Pregnancy from AAP

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“To broaden awareness of FASD, the Academy is sharing a public service announcement on its YouTube channel. The 30-second announcement explains that prenatal alcohol exposure is the leading cause of learning disabilities in children. In this PSA, Dr. Anita Chandra recommends pregnant women avoid alcohol to prevent FASD. For more information, visit HealthyChildren.org, the American Academy of Pediatrics website for … Read More

CDC.gov Feature on Teen Substance Use & Risks

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“The feature highlights the guide, Substance Use Screening and Intervention Implementation Guide: No Amount of Substance Use Is Safe for Adolescents, developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics in collaboration with CDC. The guide provides helpful information for pediatricians to implement substance use screening and brief counseling in their practices.” Learn More Here!

Gov. Roy Cooper Proclaims April as Alcohol Awareness Month in NC State Leads Effort to Combat Underage Drinking

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Mar 29, 2018 North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has proclaimed April as Alcohol Awareness Month, urging parents to talk with their kids about the dangers of alcohol. Research shows that 94% of North Carolina students believe underage drinking is a problem, and eight in 10 middle schoolers think hearing more from their parents about alcohol use would help. “Underage drinking … Read More

Creating Hope through the Neurobehavioral Lens – April 14th, 2018 in Durham, NC

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What affects 1 in 20 first graders in the US? What has a misdiagnosed and missing diagnosis rate of about 90%? Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders is the underlying condition of many children and youth with challenging behaviors These facts are alarming and are why we are inviting you to our workshop April 14, 9-4pm Click Here for details and registration