Atlanta Training on FASD, Sponsored by Atlanta Legal Aid

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North Carolinians, SAVE the DATE, September 18, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia Great opportunity for parents to hear some great presenters on FASDs. As well as meet families and colleagues passionate about preventing FASDs and the importance of advocating for services for individuals with an FASD. Speakers include Larry Burd, Douglas Waite, William Edwards, and Paul Connor. The training will be … Read More

FASD: Thirty Reasons Why Early Identification Matters

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This article is by Gordon R. Hodas MD, statewide child psychiatric consultant, Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS). It is intended to challenge the idea that there is no reason or benefit to pursuing early identification of FASD. The article considers the benefits of early FASD identification from four perspectives: that of the family, the child, … Read More

No, Babies Are NOT Born Addicted to Opioids

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So glad to see that the correct information is getting out there. This article from CATO Institute states, “No baby is ever born addicted to opioids. As medical science has known for years, there is a difference between addiction and physical dependence—on a molecular level… Addiction features compulsive drug use in spite of harmful, self-destructive consequences. Physical dependence, on the … Read More

AAP Blog: Is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder More Common Than We Think?

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This article appears on the blog for AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) and discusses a recent study on FASD prevalence. The article, written by Bud Wiederman, MD, MA, states, “Looking at the data from this superb study, the answer is yes. Not only that, we’re likely missing the diagnosis in the vast majority of affected children… Anyone providing medical care … Read More

Need to Learn More About FASDs? New Online Video Training Series Released!

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NEW: Online Video Training Series on FASD from Triumph Today 16-segment online training series that gives families, caregivers, and professionals the tools and techniques they need to understand FASD. Members of the Double ARC staff and guest parents present current information as well as time-tried techniques to assist viewers in negotiating the confusing and often stressful path through FASD with … Read More

What a Great Story! Young Woman with FASD Thriving at Veterinary Program

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“Cassandra Heath was in foster care for the first five years of her life before she was adopted by Bill and Ruth Short. Several years later, after her behavioral and academic issues were heightened, she was diagnosed with an FASD. And now? She’s completing a two-year pre-veterinary assisting program and hopes eventually to become a police canine trainer.” – The … Read More