Teaching Children With FASD to Use Metacognitive Strategies

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“Metacognitive training is an emerging cognitive intervention for children FASD that teaches children to think about their thinking and use strategies to improve learning and regulation. We investigated how children with FASD acquired metacognitive strategies during a computerized intervention delivered in a school setting.”- – The Journal of Special Education For more information, click HERE.

Women and Alcohol Webinar

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Dr. Deidra Roach: Women and Alcohol Friday, March 29th, 2019 11am – 12pm EST Join WEBEX Meeting: HTTPS://NIH.WEBEX.COM/NIH/MC 1-650-479-3208 Call-in Toll Number (US/Canada) Meeting Number/Access Code: 625-167-759 Meeting Password: NIAAA Sponsored By: Interagency Work Group on Drinking and Drug Use in Women and Girls

Michigan House Votes to Require Businesses to Display Pregnancy Warning Signs

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“On a vote of 100-10, the Michigan House of Representatives voted to require businesses that serve alcohol to prominently hang signs that warn of the dangers of drinking while pregnant… 19,300 businesses would be required to display the signs. The signs would have to contain the message: “Pregnancy and alcohol do not mix. Drinking alcoholic beverages during pregnancy can cause … Read More

NOFAS Joins CDC, ACOG, and University of Alaska at International FASD Conference

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NOFAS joins the CDC, ACOG, and the University of Alaska at the 8th International Conference on FASD Research, Results and Relevance: “Integrating Research, Policy and Promising Practice Around the World.” Together, they discussed how to educate healthcare providers about FASD, in their 90 minute session: “Increasing Healthcare Providers’ Knowledge in the Prevention of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies and Identification and Care of … Read More

TV News Feature: New Study Sheds Light on Dangers of Drinking While Pregnant

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A local Boston TV news station profiles Enid Watson, Massachusetts FASD State Coordinator. The segment also features Sasha, a young man with FASD, and his mom. Sasha is engaging in public speaking in Massachusetts. The segment features a legislative bill to adopt the federal definition of developmental disabilities for adults, which is being advocated for by massFAS. For more information, … Read More

Studies Suggest Link Between Drinking During Pregnancy, Child Mental Health Issues

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“New U.K. research has found that drinking during pregnancy could increase a child’s risk of mental health problems, especially anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems. The new review looked at 33 studies to investigate whether alcohol consumption during pregnancy could affect a child’s mental health at age three or older. “ – CTV News For more information, click HERE.

People with FASD in Minnesota Could Get Support Through Brain Injury Wavier

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“People with FASD in desperate need of state services can be left out “because their brain injury occurred before they were born,” Rep. Ruth Richardson said. She sponsors HF929, which would allow some people FASD to qualify for the state’s brain injury wavier. The brain injury wavier provides services for people requiring the level of care provided in nursing homes … Read More

New Method Uses A.I. to Screen for FASD

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“Scientists have developed a new tool that can screen children for FASD quickly and affordably, making it accessible to more children in remote locations worldwide. The tool uses a camera and computer vision to record patterns in children’s eye movements… The eye movements outside the norm were flagged as children who might be at-risk for having FASD and need more … Read More

Interesting Study in Australia: Mothers Return to Pre-pregnancy Drinking within Five Years

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“The average mother returns to their pre-pregnancy drinking habits by the time their child is of school age, an Australian study has found. According to research, women dramatically reduce their alcohol consumption on learning they are pregnant and return to their old ways in five years. Men, on average, did not change their alcohol consumption on becoming fathers.” – The … Read More