192 Individuals Reached Through the Show Your Love for Healthy Moms and Babies Campaign!

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In November, 15 cosmetic artist from WNC attended a training on the importance of preventing alcohol exposed pregnancies and how they could be a partner in prevention with FASDinNC. The Show Your Love for Healthy Moms and Babies Campaign offered cosmetic artist an opportunity to share FASD prevention materials with their clients, as well as talk with them about how … Read More

Video of Myles Himmelreich on Moving from Shame and Blame

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Myles Himmelreich lives with FASD and is a motivational speaker and advocate. In this video from the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, Myles says, “My mom loved me. When talking about FASD, there is often shame and blame. That does not help anyone. The best way to help moms and people living with FASD is to provide support and understanding.” Click Here … Read More

Prosecuting Drug-Addicted Pregnant Women Helps No One

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Katha Pollitt writes, “It’s often noted that the victims of the opiate epidemic receive a degree of compassion not usually extended to drug users, but apparently that approach doesn’t extend to pregnant women. Consider the case of Kasey Dischman. She overdosed on heroin seven months into her pregnancy, delivered prematurely, and was charged with felony aggravated assault of an unborn … Read More

Ibuprofen May Block Damage from Fetal Alcohol Exposure

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“An anti-inflammatory drug may have the potential to stall the damaging effects of alcohol on the fetal brain, a new study suggests. Ibuprofen reduced neuroinflammation and behavioral signs of alcohol exposure in a rat model of FASD.  The study was the first to directly link alcohol-induced inflammation in the hippocampus to cognitive impairment later in the life, said Derick Lindquist, … Read More

Drugs and Pregnancy — ‘Tremendous Stigma’ Stops Many Women from Coming Forward

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“Currently, Monarch Recovery Services in Canada is serving about 30 women who are drug-dependent, and either pregnant or parenting young children. Spokesperson Jasmine Beangesays there’s tremendous stigma around drugs and pregnancy — and that makes it very hard for people to come forward. “There’s a lot of guilt and a lot of shame involved,” she said.” – CBC News Learn … Read More

There Is No Safe Amount Of Alcohol During Pregnancy, New Study Shows

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“Any amount of alcohol exposure during pregnancy can cause extreme lasting effects on a child, according to new research from Binghamton University… even a small to moderate amount of alcohol exposure produces significant amounts of anxiety in offspring, lasting through adolescence and into adulthood… “There’s been a lot of media coverage on whether there’s a safe amount of alcohol to … Read More

People with FASD Get Job Training in Minnesota

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The Minnesota Post reports that a women working at a state-run day program for people with disabilities was ecstatic to learn that she had options when it came to her supporting herself. She learned of a another state of Minnesota program that offered job training and assistance in finding work. Karina Reinert jumped at the opportunity and for the last … Read More

U.K. Government Report Slams How Children with FASD are Treated in Schools

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A mother writes that, “A new report from the U.K. Government on how children with special needs are being treated in schools validates every parent of a child with an FASD who has struggled, cajoled, begged, and demanded to get their children proper support in school… This must-read report is damning of the system… As parent advocates, we need to … Read More