TV News Feature: New Study Sheds Light on Dangers of Drinking While Pregnant

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A local Boston TV news station profiles Enid Watson, Massachusetts FASD State Coordinator. The segment also features Sasha, a young man with FASD, and his mom. Sasha is engaging in public speaking in Massachusetts. The segment features a legislative bill to adopt the federal definition of developmental disabilities for adults, which is being advocated for by massFAS. For more information, … Read More

People with FASD in Minnesota Could Get Support Through Brain Injury Wavier

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So proud to see Representative Ruth Richardson leading the charge on this! Hopefully NC and other states can pursue this as well. “People with FASD in desperate need of state services can be left out “because their brain injury occurred before they were born,” Rep. Ruth Richardson said. She sponsors HF929, which would allow some people FASD to qualify for … Read More

FASD, A Misunderstood Disorder in Prisons

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“Foster dad Peter Wilcox says, “The system would like to deny that people with FASD exist because they’re seen as a huge cost burden.  What we’re not taking into account is the cost on society… Before government nail down the numbers, there’s something more pressing to be done – change the disability criteria so people with FASD, like any other disability, … Read More

Mother Starts Toy Business That Highlights the Dangers of Drinking While Pregnant

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“After adopting four children with FASD, entrepreneur Naomi Johnson is making her penchant for knitting a business with an important message for expectant mothers.  Naomi’s Neenee Kaboo Baby and Youth Products is marketing a line of unique dolls for babies, toddlers and older children while highlighting the fact that drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy can negatively affect the … Read More

More Colleges Opening Doors To People With Developmental Disabilities

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“More and more colleges are opening their doors to welcome students with disabilities, paving new postsecondary pathways for individual with IDDs that equip them with the life skills, social abilities, and job preparation necessary to live as independent adults.  According to Think College, more than 260 colleges across the nation now offer on-campus transition programs for this population. That’s up … Read More

Drinking While Pregnant: An Inconvenient Truth

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This New York Times article by Dr. Jen Gunter states, “It’s medically best not to drink alcohol in pregnancy. Not even a little. The source of that viewpoint? My training and practice as an OB/GYN… This isn’t about sexism (not this time) or dodging litigation. This is about facts. How women use those facts is, of course, their choice.  The … Read More

FASD Conference in Charlotte is One Month Away. Register Today!!

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Advances in Diagnosis and Management Target Audience Pediatricians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, neonatal, psychiatric and pediatric nurses, pediatric therapists—OTs, STs, PTs, parents, foster care professionals, LCSWs, behavior therapists, psychologists, counselors and teachers. Description Fetal Alcohol spectrum disorders are costly, life-long disabilities. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are known as hidden disabilities because the vast majority of children and … Read More

New Court Set to Open Specifically for People With FASD Could Be a Game Changer

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“A new court set to open in Manitoba, Canada specifically for people with FASD.  Winnipeg lawyer Lori Van Dongen says, “That is just common sense.”  Ms. Van Dongen said people with FASD are often set up by the justice system to fail. The legal world has been slow to adapt to their challenges – whether it’s bail conditions they can’t … Read More

Dr. Oz: How to Help Kids with FASD

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This article by Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show” states, “The sooner you can get this child the help he needs, the sooner he’ll avoid developing bigger emotional and intellectual problems down the road.  And remember, even if you are just thinking about getting pregnant and are not practicing birth control, stop drinking.” Read article here.