Any Gift to NOFAS is a Big Deal

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Today, November 28th, is Giving Tuesday! A gift of any amount makes a difference. NOFAS has been working to prevent FASD and help individuals and families living with the disorders for nearly 30 years thanks to supporters like you. NOFAS is grateful for your support! Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and … Read More

MOFAS Announces New National Center on FASD Justice and Equity

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NOFAS affiliate organization MOFAS has launched the Center for FASD Justice & Equity.  “The center was created to raise awareness and address the complex education, health, and justice issues facing individuals and communities impacted by FASD.  While this project has a national scope, the center is also designed to highlight promising projects and initiatives from the Minnesota Organization on Fetal … Read More

Ibuprofen May Block Damage from Fetal Alcohol Exposure

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“An anti-inflammatory drug may have the potential to stall the damaging effects of alcohol on the fetal brain, a new study suggests. Ibuprofen reduced neuroinflammation and behavioral signs of alcohol exposure in a rat model of FASD.  The study was the first to directly link alcohol-induced inflammation in the hippocampus to cognitive impairment later in the life, said Derick Lindquist, … Read More

Special Olympian with FASD Qualifies for Boston Marathon

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Andrew Peterson, 24, has been a Special Olympics runner for years. Now, he has qualified for one of sporting’s most prestigious events: the Boston Marathon. “Andrew was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, but has never let its effects slow him down… He’s now the second Special Olympics athlete to ever qualify for Boston.” – FOX 59 News Click Here for … Read More

Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit (FADU) of the U. of Washington Develops Online FASD Resource Toolkit

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“The Education & FASD Toolkit was created to help educators and families to work better in partnerships to provide the necessary interventions to help students reach their maximum potential and prevent some of the adverse life circumstances associated with FASD. The toolkit begins with resources suitable for anyone interested in the subject of education and FASD, with additional pages of … Read More

William and Ethan: Baseball Bro’s by Adoption

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Dad Ben Wikner, of a child with an FASD, writes about his two sons: “I have two sons, one by birth and one by adoption. They both love baseball; but their baseball stories could hardly be more different. My birth son’s love of baseball came easy… Ethan, our adopted son’s love for baseball has not come easy. Then again, as … Read More

U.K. Government Report Slams How Children with FASD are Treated in Schools

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A mother writes that, “A new report from the U.K. Government on how children with special needs are being treated in schools validates every parent of a child with an FASD who has struggled, cajoled, begged, and demanded to get their children proper support in school… This must-read report is damning of the system… As parent advocates, we need to … Read More

FASD Advocacy: Setting the Stage for 2018

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Thursday, November 2, 2017 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern Please register for this exciting upcoming webinar hosted by Cameron Koob, NOFAS Public Policy Coordinator. Participants in this webinar will learn: • The most efficient way to get information to contact their elected representatives and their staff • How to utilize the 2018 midterm campaign media environment to their advantage … Read More